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It was the year 2000 when a friend of mine asked me to join her for a Bikram yoga class. Ten years later, boom, I decided it was time to TaKe a break from my career in the artS and film industry and go to Bikram’s Teacher Training, Las Vegas, Spring 2010.

Especially Over the last decade, I have had the gracious opportunity to travel and teach all over the world within our global yoga community. I have studied with some incredible teachers practicing many modalities.



Since yoga has fuelled my spirit, I have been inspired deeply into the healing arts of Reiki and the strength we can learn from animal spirit medicines through Shamanic meditations. Certified Reiki level II practitioner & constant student. THESE ARE SOME OF THE SKILLS I LOVE TO SHARE DURING MY YIN CLASS OFFERINGS.

Over the years I have put my body to the test by carrying stress from childhood traumas, work anxieties and life's general attachments. These emotional weights often translate into tightness, twists, pulls, and misaligned moving parts all over my body but each day I step on my mat, I embrace where I am at in that moment and treat myself with kindness, without judgement. From that place, I can give myself the permission to relax and open up, let things go. One of the best feelings you can ever give yourself.

In my class, prepare to move your face muscles in order to smile at yourself, learn to fall gracefully and jump back into a grounded state to try again. Believe in your own personal change and evolution within your body, as well as, your mind. Feel your spirit rise and shine stemming from your own endurance. Stay together, be as perfect as you are.

Yes, I am Vegan and yes, I would love to talk recipes with you and how much we love animalS. however, I am equally excited to chat about some cool new chair design and how amazing your new Chikum shorts fit that I produced right here in vancouver, BC. visit OUR GOODS PAGE to see WHAT’S CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, all made in vancouver or come to the studio!

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After being diagnosed with bipolar in 2003, I embarked on a journey of self discovery to find balance between the extreme polarities within. My search led me to discover yoga in 2007. It healed me and since has breathed itself into my life as a way of being.

I love yoga, believe in it, and practice it daily. It is a powerful tool for self-awareness, healing, and transformation. Everyday I wake up excited to learn, practice, and share my passion of this discipline with others. If you ever see me in the yoga room, don’t be a stranger! Feel free to pull up your mat and we can practice together.

As a perpetual student of life and yoga, I feel that the roles of teacher and student are inextricably tied and flow into each other organically. Since Bikram teacher training in spring 2008, I’ve continued my studies doing Yin teacher training with Bernie Clark in 2015, Intermediate Masters Core teacher training in 2018 with Tony Sanchez, and advanced training with Esak Garcia.

I find deep satisfaction in the teaching profession. I have had the privilege of teaching yoga internationally (Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, USA) to people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life. Outside the yoga room, I also serve as a secondary school music teacher and program director.

My goal as a teacher is to employ students with the tools they need to empower themselves to find joy, satisfaction, and transformation in a self-sustaining practice.

I feel blessed and honoured to be a part of the Ohana crew and feel very lucky to be able to contribute to such a wonderful community.



In 2006 I was invited by a friend to try Bikram yoga. I hated the abundance of heat and remember feeling tortured by the clock face staring at me from the back wall. Each posture felt like an eternity. I did not expect to return but the challenge allured me, and I eventually became a pupil of the hot room.

After practicing Bikram Yoga for three years, I ventured to Teacher Training in 2009. Upon completing training I was blessed to teach in the US, Australia, Asia and various cities across Canada. I pursued continuous education from senior Bikram teachers, developing a broad but clear and authentic understanding of this yoga and its intention.

In 2014 I experienced physical and emotional challenges, facing adrenal fatigue, emotional distress, and physical wear and tear, Yin Yoga became the remedy.

Curiosity for self-discovery lead me to an encounter with a teacher of Ayurveda, Balaram Chandra Das, whom I have been learning from for the past three years. Through the eyes of Ayurveda I was able to see how the yoga asanas and various breathing techniques can be used as medicine to support the continuous evolvement (or evolution) of our body, mind, and spirit. I have also studied with BhanteBuddharakkhita, a Buddhist Monk from Uganda. Here I was exposed to the practice and comprehension of mindfulness as well as Metta and Vipassana meditation.

In my class I integrate all aspects of my learning journey. I am competent in reading the room and offering energy and encouragement when needed. I love getting to know you, the students, and understanding why you come and what your intentions are. Together we can begin to create a path best suited to support your desired outcome.



I believe we are always students, even when we become teachers. I am always curious and eager to learn more. My practice began in 2005 and I completed my first teacher training in 2007. My aim as a teacher is to provide beginners to advanced students with support and encouragement, to find freedom within physical movement and a deeper connection to themselves - hopefully having fun along the way!



Ja Pace began her movement career as a dancer with training in Ballet and Flamenco. Her Yoga journey began 8 years ago as a healing modality from a major health crisis, which led her to deepen her knowledge through Ashtanga training in India and studies with Savoir Yoga and years of dedicated practice. An instructor of Yin-Yasa as taught by Mathieu Bouldron, Ja weaves many years of experience into a balanced, flowing and invigorating class. Yoga has been a gift to her and she is passionate about sharing it with as many people as possible.



“We’re all just walking each other home” ~Ram Das

After years of corporate hustle, Jaime Burke has come back to her roots as a 200hr certified yoga teacher. Like many others, Jaime started practicing yoga as form of fitness and means to balance a stressful lifestyle, though she quickly realized how powerful the practice was in its ability to not only calm the mind and nervous system, but also encourage practitioners to embark on a journey of self realization. These transformative effects of yoga have kept her committed to the practice over the years, and led her to Sri Lanka in 2018 where she studied a combination of Yin and Vinyasa from teacher Mathieu Boldron, funcational anatomy from Aisa Locsin-Winternitz and Yoga Philosophy from Dr. Ganesh Rao.

Growing up as a dancer and hobby musician in Vancouver, BC, music and movement have always played an integral role in her life as a source of joy, creativity, and expression. Her classes are a reflection of this love for the creative arts, as well her desire to continuously inspire students to understand yoga as a transformative framework for un-earthing their truest, most loving selves.



Growing up doing ballet, jazz and tap, I was always an active person. After suffering from low back pain due to working with my husband in the hardwood flooring industry, I searched out ways to relieve the pain. There was a Bikram yoga studio near my house and I thought, I want to try yoga!

I loved the intensity of Bikram and with my dance background, I especially loved all the postures. My anxiety started to lessen and I was going on a regular basis, after 6 years of practice, I decided to go to teacher training in the spring of 2012 in Los Angeles, I have taught on a regular basis since then. As well as, being a certified Bikram teacher, I am also an RYT 200 for Hatha and Vinyasa. I am also enrolled in an upcoming yin teacher training in June.

Yoga is the relationship that is built between the body, mind and breath. Yoga is creating space free from obstacles in your own body to live. Yoga is freedom and release. I am here to help others find this release so that they can comfortably and competently move their bodies through life.



Bikram yoga came to me when i was knocking on deaths door praying for someone to let me in. After 22 years in the military serving as a Canadian Clearance Diver I was critically injured on my last tour of duty in Afghanistan where I was deployed for 9 months as a Bomb Disposal Technician. The carnage left behind by these devices designed to kill was unthinkable and at the end of my 9 month tour after dismantling 122 devices and responding to
78 post blast investigations, I was a broken man.

I didn't know it right away I just thought the nightmares would ease up eventually and It wasn't until I got out of treatment that I found Bikram Yoga. I don't remember anything after the standing
series including how the HECK I got home after but I do remember that I had the best sleep of my life that night. I latched onto this like my life depended on it because it really did.

After my release from the military I was entitled to a
re-education allowance and without even thinking twice I used in on my Training. My teacher Training was one of the greatest experiences of my life and i ended up graduating within the English Bulldog
Determination award. Since then I have travelled around the world a bit teaching in all different kinds of super RAD Bikram communities but none as cool as the Vancouver North shore. I absolutely love
teaching here. Every class is totally different yet exactly the same. I give100% of myself every class I teach and believe thats what the students deserve.

My passion for teaching pours out of me with every
word of the beautiful dialogue and my energy from the podium is unhinged. Come sweat with us
and tap into this amazing community. Ohana means "family" in Hawaiian and Im so proud to call you all my brothers and sisters!

Namaste ya'll!! Patty



I first discovered Bikram Yoga over a decade-and-a-half ago in search of improving flexibility and generalized conditioning. From the start, I felt a deep connection to this yoga and through a dedicated practice, I experienced healing, alleviation of aches and pains, and general improvement in my health and well-being. The affinity I developed for the yoga led me to pursue training to become a certified teacher and to share my passion with others. My background in medicine equipped me with a knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Along with the training received from teacher certification, this has helped me to understand the postures chosen for this series to provide such powerful benefits.

A few years ago, I was faced with a humbling incident of a serious injury after a fall while skiing, bringing me back to the basics of the physical therapy of this yoga practice which had me nearly fully recovered within 6 weeks of yoga practice as my primary physical therapy. This experience more strongly affirmed my strong connection to and belief in this practice. I have a deep compassion for the challenges faced by practitioners. Come experience for yourself the therapeutic benefits of this yoga which, with dedication, will transform you and your life.



I was hooked from my very first Bikram yoga class in spring of 2011. By the fall I was teaching and haven't looked back since. This Practice showed me pretty quickly that the body wants to be in balance and that it is possible to change or evolve in all aspects physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Although Bikram was my gateway I practice whatever I can make it to. On top of the Bikram training I have also completed a 200hr Vinyasa training with Julia McCabe and a Yin training with Bernie Clarke.



Nearly two decades ago I took my first Bikram yoga class. It would be another 8 years until I took another! This moment though began an extraordinary experience of overall healing, including overcoming chronic arthritis I had long struggled since I was an adolescent.

My practice evolved into my eventually completing the Bikram Yoga teacher training in 2014. The training was a revelation to the potential within myself, and indeed anyone willing to simply dedicate themselves to consistent and disciplined practice.

Practice and never give up!



I started Bikram Yoga in 2008 when a friend suggested it would help with my knee pain. After regularly practicing for 6 months, the pain went away. I was hooked. I finally decided to attend Fall 2013 Bikram teacher training after a lot of encouragement from my instructors. It changed my life and I left the corporate world behind me and pursued teaching. Connecting with people during practice and teaching is why I love being a part of this community. It gives me so much joy to watch people discover and transform themselves in the hot room. I believe deeply in the series as it can change us in very profound ways. I look forward to seeing all your happy smiling faces in the hot room.



MARI has been practicing and teaching various forms of yoga and moving meditation for over 15 years. Her journey exploring movement began in childhood with dance and rhythmic gymnastics. After completing her Bachelors degree in Human Kinetics at University of British Columbia, she went to her first teacher training initially to delve deeper into the mechanics of the mind-body connection. What she found was an unfettered passion for teaching. She teaches an alignment-based practice of movement and breath that is both accessible and challenging- a flow that is dynamic, strong and fluid.

She believes that growth comes from the willingness to challenge ourselves and experience things that take us outside of our comfort zone.

‘‘We move, we breathe, we sit, we listen. We cultivate our attention and start to trust in the intimate wisdom of our own physical intelligence. We open ourselves up to the teachings all around and within us and the wisdom of our own hearts. Transformation occurs when we are open to the unknown and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. I want to be brave enough to always try even if I fail and fall and to have the courage to rise again. My yoga practice provides a safe space where I can play in the unknown- where I can connect with what is real- here and now. I am humbled and inspired everyday I get to teach, everyday I get to share space and watch courageous yogis go deep into themselves and connect with that that is true and ever steady.”